Schizophrenia is a chronic debilitating illness of the brain. It turns to be serious and dangerous if not treated properly. It is due to hyperdopaminergic activity of brain (neurohormonal imbalance) which causes disturbances in thought, emotion and behaviour of a person. This illness doesn’t affect only the patient but it affects patient’s family also.

World health organisation celebrates” World Schizophrenia Day” on 24 th of May every year to create awareness and understanding about schizophrenia amongst people. This year the awareness programme is organized by SMARTT (Society for mental healthy awareness research teaching and training) to all Sinhgad Road and pune citizens. A Gentle request to you all to attend the programme for understanding the illness and helping the people suffering from schizophrenia and their families as our social responsibility.

Dr Sunil Gowda

New Age Initiative: 'SugarMate' Mobile App

An App for Diabetes Patients for remote monitoring and One on One confidential communication with Doctors. Highlights include: -
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  • - Tips are given to patients periodically
  • - Doctor’s Direct conversation individually or with group
  • - Calling up the patient as the profile is available on app

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