Expert medical treatment and care with a touch of genuine compassion is our hallmark. Upholding our legacy of concern and empathy, we aim to provide optimal treatment and support to all our patients.

A legacy of healing & hope

Since its inception in 1972, Shahade Hospital has always adopted a holistic approach towards its patients. The Hospital was set up by Dr. Prof. M G Shahade, a renowned surgeon who was acclaimed globally for his pioneering surgical techniques.

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Registered under ‘ROHINI‘ for Medical Insurance

Key Specialities

Piles, Fissure & Fistula

Through expert surgical intervention and medical treatment, Shahade Hospital is setting new standards in treating disorders of the anus and rectum. Proctosurgeon Dr Ambarish Shahade, who heads the Proctology Cell, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of rectal and anal diseases. Bringing to the table a wealth of leading-edge medical, surgical and after-care knowledge and techniques, Dr Shahade offers assured relief to patients from piles, fissure and fistula.

Diabetic Care

Shahade Hospital offers one of the finest diabetic care programs ranging from early detection to advanced treatment, with special focus on gestational diabetes and diabetic foot. By providing specialist care, awareness and support, we enable patients to overcome despair and effectively
manage the disease.
Dr Arati Shahade, who leads the Diabetic Care program, emphasizes on regular check-up, monitoring and
self-management. Her rich experience and expertise has helped more than 10,000 patients prevent complications
and live an active, healthy life.

Key Highlights

  • Foot care & education
  • Foot Lab equipped with advanced tools such as Biothesiometer, Doppler, Neuropathy Analyzer
  • Foot surgery
  • Prescription footwear

Laparoscopy, Oncosurgery & Endoscopy

Laparoscopy: Which is also known as Minimum Access Surgery, is an advanced surgical technique that offers more comfort and convenience to patients; it is characterized by less pain, minimal scarring, rapid recovery and shorter hospital stays.
With our highly skilled surgeon, state-of-the-art OT, sophisticated equipment and efficient paramedic team, we
offer a hassle-free laparoscopy experience to patients.

We offer surgical treatment for several organs in the abdominal and torso area, including-
• Appendix
• Gallbladder
• Kidneys
• Adrenal glands, and many more

Oncosurgery: Combating cancer can be a lonely and painful journey. At Shahade Hospital, we wholeheartedly
join hands with you in your fight against cancer. By bringing the latest operative procedures and protocols,
our surgical oncologist and other specialists work dedicatedly for the surgical treatment of a variety of malignancies. Whether it is tumour of the mouth, throat, colon or rectum, our patients are assured of comprehensive,multidisciplinary treatment in an amicable and caring environment.

Endoscopy: is a procedure used to diagnose and treat conditions of the digestive system, including inflammations, ulcers, etc. Equipped with advanced endoscopy technology, Shahade Hospital is superbly positioned to detect and treat abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.

New Age Initiative: 'SugarMate' Mobile App

An App for Diabetes Patients for remote monitoring and One on One confidential communication with Doctors. Highlights include: -
  • - Free Download from Google Play Store or App Store
  • - Upload and share sugar reports to your profile
  • - Maintains confidentiality of your profile and data
  • - Stay in touch with your Doctor
  • - Remote monitoring of Patients by Doctors
  • - Helps maintain blood sugars and diet details
  • - Tips are given to patients periodically
  • - Doctor’s Direct conversation individually or with group
  • - Calling up the patient as the profile is available on app

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